Your Private Villa


From the front balcony you'll have stunning ocean views of Antigua, Montserrat, and Guadeloupe, while from the back you'll be captivated by the spectacular views of Mt. Nevis - a mountain which rises to over 3,000 feet, covered in a lush tropical rainforest.

Next to the house is your own private pool and between the pool and the house is a covered gazebo in which you can be served lunch by your own cook.

The one storey villa has a 40' covered veranda with an open terrace for sunbathing.  The villa is managed by Tessie who is available as your cook and maid throughout your stay to prepare your lunch and dinners daily.  We are the only villa on Nevis that has its own chef.  While you can always choose to eat out at any of the world class restaurants around the island at any time, Tessie will cook you some of the best food you've ever eaten. The villa is cleaned daily and if you have any laundry, it will be cleaned for you. 

The Beaches


A beach for all seasons.  There are many kinds of beaches on the island, all within a very quick drive from each other and the house. Whether you are looking for small gentle waves on a beach that you can walk along for over an hour or whether you like bigger waves to body surf, or a beach where you can snorkel just off shore, there is something for every taste and in most cases, you will be the only one there.  There are even beaches where you can go early in the morning to meet the fishermen and buy fresh fish they caught that day.

Getting There


While there are many different ways of traveling to Nevis, here are some of the most common ones:

From the U.S.

Through Miami or Puerto Rico fly American Airlines to St Kitts.   Then take a 15 minute water taxi to Nevis.


Through New York - American Airlines / Jet Blue to either St. Kitts or St. Martin.  From St. Martin you would take Winair to Nevis.


From Canada

Through Toronto - Air Canada Vacations to St. Kitts - they fly direct from Dec 23 to April 15 (approx).  You would then take a 15 minute water taxi ride to Nevis.


WestJet or Charter direct flights (Air Transat) to St. Martin and then take Winair to Nevis (25 minute flight).

American Airlines from Toronto through Miami to St. Kitts. 


From Europe

You will have to connect through Antigua or St. Martin. From either island, you can then get a flight on LIAT or Winair to Nevis.


If you need assistance or advice with any of these arrangements, we will be happy to help you.

Moon Hill is located in a part of Nevis called Gingerland. 

It's located on the south side of the island with views to

Antigua, Guadeloupe and Montserrat.

For inquiries or if you have any questions, contact Jonathan at

or call 1-416-566-1998

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View of Pool to Ocean