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Nevis villa rental

Meet Your Hosts

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Hello.  We are delighted you are here and we cannot wait to share our home away from home with you along with the beautiful heart warming people of Nevis.  

Jonathan is your communications guy. First point of contact and throughout your trip he will make sure your travels are seamless and effortless so you have more time to enjoy Moon Hill and the island's good vibes.  His parents first discovered Nevis 45 years ago so Jonathan is essentially considered a local by many. You will quickly feel his passion for the island the moment you speak to him.    

Liliana, is behind the scenes making sure that the house is thoughtfully organized, and stocked with organic, local, natural goods from head to toe. Designing and creating comfortable spaces is her passion alongside Intentional Slow Living.  Simple, practical spaces, with nature always in mind and heart.   Moon Hill has a special place in her heart - who knew a place can hold all her favourite things ( salt air, sea, sun and donkeys).

May you enjoy your journey in Moon Hill, Nevis, and take in all the sounds , sights, nature filled beauty and healing energies!

Nevis will be sure to make an impression on you . You might very well be planning a return well before leaving from your current trip.

and be sure to rush slowly,

Jonathan & Liliana

Moon Hill History

The house itself is located on the site of an old existing Great House of a sugar plantation. The house overlooks the old estate property and many of the stonework found in the house were hand cut from the existing centuries' old buildings on the estate. 

Monica and Don Haldane, built the villa over 45 years ago when there were very few other houses on the island – they built the house even before the Four Seasons came to Nevis.   They were actually on their way to St Bart's at the time and happened to stop off on Nevis and never left. They paced out two acres and built the villa at the top the hill where the original Great House was located hundreds of years ago.  The house was called “Moon Hill” because on the night of any full moon, the whole ocean lights up with a ribbon of light, seemingly coming to the house itself across the water.  It is a spectacular sight to see.  

Our  family history with the island has created deep bonds with the local people.  The Nevisians show us the side of humanity and a connection to nature's wisdom, warmth, and community that has been lost in most other places.  Having Tessie, our property manager, look after you during your stay will give you that same connection to see the island as a local and be able to see the wisdom that has been lost to many if you are open to doing so. 


If you are looking for a place that offers healing,peace, seclusion, and privacy, this is it.   You will experience first hand the magic, simplicity, and warmth of the island that Monica and Don fell in love with 45 years ago.


There is something in the air and the energy of this island that will captivate your soul as it has done with our family for two generations.

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In loving memory and celebration of Don and Monica,  "the polka dot lady" as she was so fondly known by Nevisians.

caribbean, nevis private villa rental
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